Connect Groups

At RPCC we believe Connect Groups are essential for the health and well-being of the church and each individual.  Connect Groups are the key to getting connected.  They are a gathering of a small group of like minded people where you’ll make friends with whom you can share, laugh, cry and serve with. RPCC has a range of Connect Groups available a number of ministries including Home Groups, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry and Prayer.  Our goal is to offer an opportunity for everyone to join a Connect Group.

Home Groups

Our home groups are key Connect Groups and are places where people are able to explore God’s word more deeply, pray together, provide mutual support and encouragement to one another allowing our spiritual journey to progress. Therefore they are places where trust is high and authentic relationships strengthen and shape our journey together with God in an environment of fellowship and worship.

Our home groups are flexible and adapt to meet a range of needs and opportunities identified by the group. Being part of a home group can strengthen and encourage your study of the Word helping to strengthen your faith and continue your journey with God.

Why not enquire today about a group you can join. Contact our office for more details.